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Service Reservations Forms need to be submitted 2 Days (or more) prior to the moving date. A week in advance during the moving season (May-September). Although we can accommodate “last minute” moves with less notice, an additional fee of $20.00 will apply. Holiday moves will be approved only with prior contact. Please call to see if Holiday moves are available in your area. Holiday moves are generally “double” the standard rate, unless stated otherwise.


There is no charge to change your service date/time once, provided you give us at least 48 hours notice of the need to change the date/time. Additional changes or less than 48 hours notice will incur a $50.00 change fee. Cancellations not made within 48 hours of service date will result in a forfeit of deposit. Deposits will also be forfeited if we are unable to reach you via phone, email or text at least 2 hours prior to move.


Shall occur within 3-10 business days, starting from the cancellation date. All requests for refunds should be addressed to


Sixpack Moving and Labor (Sixpack Moving and Labor, LLC) shall provide Loading and or Unloading services for our customers/clients via professional subcontractors in our network. If your service area is questionable, please call 865 315-7979. We reserve the right to refuse to move any overweight items. Items over 250 pounds may not be moved by a 2-man / team. The Customer shall provide the proper equipment and or supplies (Dollies, Boxes, Pads, Tie Down Straps, Rope, Etc.) needed to facilitate the move. Moving equipment and or supplies are generally available from the Rental Truck facility. The customer shall be liable for providing and driving all moving vehicles. (Some accommodations may be made, but may not always be available). In the event of your initial moving team not showing up as a result of circumstances beyond our control, we will need another two hours to dispatch another moving team out to your location. If we are unsuccessful we can reschedule your move for another day of your choice or you can cancel and we will refund your initial deposit.


The Company shall only be liable for damage to items which are “Dropped” by the Movers. No other damage claims will be awarded and or processed. Coverage is limited to standard valuation based on $0.60 per pound. Pressed-board, particle board and/or compressed wood furniture is excluded from any coverage because of the nature of the material. Please note, that most Home Owners or Renters Insurance Policies cover damage to items, objects, and appliances while being relocated by the Owner of said items. Extra insurance can be purchased here:

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